The Luella Hannan Memorial Foundation

The Luella Hannan Memorial Foundation is a non-profit service center with other agencies that provide services to the seniors in the Detroit Metro area. The Luella Hannan Memorial Foundation supports those seniors who seek to remain individuals and help them discover and develop new strengths and satisfactions to enrich their day-to-day life while maintaining their independence.

Here are some examples of activities:

Adult Protective Services

For best service, contact your located Department of Human Services for Adult Protective Services. This can be found easily through the white pages or your telephone directory or through a quick internet search with zip code included. Services offered by your local Department of Human Services vary but respond to an array of problems that are experience by adults in need of protection. Some example of services are:

Hope for Healing Hearts/ Kirk of Our Savior Church

Hope for Healing Hearts is a support group for adults that have incarcerated family member. They meet every 2nd Monday of the month and focus on creating a safe environment for group support. They provide:

  • education
  • financial information
  • emotional guidance
  • spiritual assistance

The goal of the group is to destroy any shame of being a related or a family member to those who are incarcerated and allow for healing to begin.

As mentioned before, meetings usually occur every 2nd Monday of the month from 6:30pm to 8:30pm.

American Friends Committee

The American Friends Committee is used by both inmates and their families that need help. They provide tools for inmates to:

  • advocate themselves
  • find substance abuse rehab centers and ex-offender service providers
  • work with county courts as well as the Department of Corrections' parole board, medical and institutional staff
  • become better individuals through providing self-help and educational literature in addition to parole workshops.

They normally meet the third Thursday of the month at 6:30 p.m.