Freedom House

Freedom House provides shelter for immigrant refugees seeking political asylum within the United States of America. While the refugees cases are pending before the Immigration and Naturalization Services, they live at the Freedom House. Freedom House works with immigrant refugees into attaining legal resettling into either the United States or Canada. All residents of Freedom House are indigent. Here is a summary of services provided by Freedom House:

Lutheran Social Services of Michigan

Lutheran Social Services of Michigan helps refugees that are forced out of their country due to war or political turmoil.  Lutheran Social Services of Michigan is a private refugee resettlement agency that provides:

  • sponsorship
  • immigration assistance
  • legal services
  • assistance with resettlement and acculturation

In addition, Lutheran Social Services of Michigan helps with job development and placement, vocational English language training and citizenship services.

English Language Institute

The English Language Institute provides the only intensive English language program in the entire metro-Detroit area at this time. The English Language Institute specializes in:

  • teaching English communication
  • cultural orientation
  • academic preparation skills

The English Language Institute is a must for all non-native speakers of English from around the world.

Chaldean Community Foundation

The Chaldean Community Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides consultation on achieving asylum and connecting the most needy refugee families to local humanitarian relief agencies in the countries of refuge. For refugees, the Chaldean Community Foundation has assembled and coordinated a coalition of 23 refugee resettlement agencies, community-based organizations and faith-based groups to assist in the resettlement and integration of new arrivals.