Arab American Chaldean Council Immigration & Translation Services

The Arab American Chaldean Council's immigration specialists provide:

  • preparation of documents for the Office of Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) for applications for citizenship
  • asylum
  • non-immigrant visas
  • family unification petitions. 

The Arab American Chaldean Council also helps clients by representing them before the Office of Citizenship and Immigration Services and Immigration Court.

St. John Open Arms: A Grieving Children's Program

Open Arms helps children ages 3-17 years and their family members get supportive help to get them through the tough times after losing a loved one. They do this through five program components:

  • Grief support groups for children and their families 
  • Ten week school-based grief support groups 
  • Homicide survivor support groups and individual grief therapy 
  • Camp “Good Grief” a summer day camp that focuses on helping grieving children to just be a kid again 
  • Trauma Response Team