Michigan Prisoner ReEntry Program

The Michigan Prisoner Re-Entry Program helps parolees get job training as well as job in addition to counseling and other services to prevent parolees returning to prison including:

  • obtaining identification
  • cloths
  • food
  • housing

The process to get into the program is somewhat difficult since there is a huge demand for the program. The parolee should as soon as possible speak with their parole agent to get their approval for joining the program. Once approved by the agent, the parolee will be placed on a waiting list. Be sure gets a referral from their parole agent to the Michigan Prisoner Re-Entry Program, take the referral to the recommend agency immediately to get on the waiting list. The next step is the waiting process. Be sure to call back occasionally to make sure the agency has any updated contact information such as addresses and phone numbers because if they can't reach the parolee, the program will move on to the next person on the list. The demand is too high for them to deal with tracking people down for the program.